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Schenker THER7GK5C6-1411 GK5CN6Z fan
Schenker THER7GK5C6-1411 GK5CN6Z fan

Replacement for Schenker THER7GK5C6-1411 GK5CN6Z Laptop CPU Cooling Fan

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Power: DC5V, 2.25W
Connector: 4 wires 4 pins
Warranty: 6 months from the receipt date

Please compare our Schenker THER7GK5C6-1411 GK5CN6Z CPU fan's images with your old part before purchasing this fan from us.

How to clean Schenker THER7GK5C6-1411 GK5CN6Z laptop CPU fan?

The laptops can suck up lots of dust. And because laptop is packed together so tightly, the dust is even more dangerous. When the cooling fans have to run constantly, it's just a matter of time before the machine start to overheat. When that happens, it may lock up. It may damage system components. So you need clean the laptop cpu fan regularly. If your laptop continues to overheat after cleaning the fan, consider replace a new cooling fan.

  1. Shut down the laptop, unplug the power source and remove the battery.
  2. Remove the screws and place them in a plastic bag. Unscrew that panel and remove it. You should see the fan right underneath.
  3. Remove the screws to the Schenker THER7GK5C6-1411 GK5CN6Z fan. Use the cotton balls and cotton swabs to very carefully wipe any dirt, dust or debris from the fan blades. A clean, soft paintbrush also works well to wipe away dust and dirt build-up.
  4. Turn the laptop over to allow any loose debris to fall out.
  5. After you've blown out all the dust, replace the access panel and battery, then power up the system.
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